Zhuang Man Women's Guangdong Zhanjiang new store is about to sail on September 8 gorgeous


Into a brand-new in September, Zhuang Man Womenswear is about to usher in the season selling women's winter season. At the same time, all over the consulting also joined in an endless stream. After a tense preparation, the new store in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, will be grandly opened on September 8! 2013 autumn and winter women's clothing also shines shelves, more opening surprise waiting for you, looking forward to the beautiful ladies!


With its stylish elegance and modern casual design style, "Man Man" combines the Chinese market with the fastest design to quickly transfer the latest international trend of Korean Wave, emphasizing the matching of single pieces and the harmony of the whole, so that the favorite fashion , Love the popular, the pursuit of individuality, a new era of women, new, ahead of the beautiful and enjoyment.


The unique figure of a woman's perfect shape of Miaomiao, with the international standards of popular colors, distinctive personality of the popular models. Man Man personality in line with the psychological age of 20-35-year-old young women, pure and unique. Self-cultivation and wisdom, the perfect combination of confidence, never tired, memorable. Possession of her is a fashionable avant-garde follower and youthful charm of casual range children.

Products name:Cheap and beautiful wholesale Indoor Slipper

Out sole:EVA & TPR.                             

Size: 29cm as normal,size customized.

Upper materrial: fleece.                                         

Logo:offset printig logo, embroidery, hot-trans-printing.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: 50-200 pairs per carton as request.

Delivery Detail: 30days.               


1. New designed promotional gift slipper
2. Customized color and size
3. High quality, fair price

Indoor Slipper

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