Doll girls girls underwear to teach you how to "Ting Ting" Yuli


Can doll girls underwear to teach you how to "Ting Ting" Yuli, from the girlhood to develop good buy and wear underwear habits, the following situation SAY NO:


可娃衣少女内衣 教您如何“挺挺”玉立

A shoulder strap often slipped: If a little cut the body shape, you have to pick the shoulder strap can not be too biased to the outside style. Wide shoulder strap underwear can support the weight of your chest, so the big boobs girls do not look too thin shoulder strap to increase the burden on the shoulder.

2 chest obvious indentation: an indentation on the chest that your little cup! In the long run, this will cut the meat off your chest.

3 back with Le marks: Underwear under the bust is too small, or straps too narrow underwear, will have Le marks! Try to adjust the shoulder strap and rim position.

4 underwear cups up: bust under the underwear too loose, or is the choice of cup, the use of too light cup or not enough to cover the chest underwear! In fact, many dumplings pad thick underwear, cups are designed very shallow, so when the cup is too shallow, it will float like a two plates in the chest, of course, it is easy to take it!

5 back wide chest size: wear underwear, cup edge if there are too many gaps, mostly chest meatless chest shape, is also a common Asian women are common symptoms. I suggest you can choose under thick thin cup underwear.


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