Professional pack hip skirts elegant or casual interpretation of fashion with heart


What is the most office workers to wear? Of course, a few packs of hip occupational equipment, but also the most popular fashion elements. In the "I line" and "Y line" at the same time show, while there is a strong gas field in the support, personal cut close to the hip line, beaming slim waist, but also make the hip look more perfect. The beauty of the ladies created to give up the traditional wear, amazing mix of professional women to show the new generation of fashion perspective.


May Mei 2013 autumn new

Collision color element of a summer craze did not retreat, extended to the mix of autumn and winter. The yellow seems to be very in tune with the fall, when it comes to the fall of the golden leaves, the autumn winds, only the yellow eye-catching. Slim long-sleeved T shirt with a red cotton package hip dress, experience the most comfortable skin-friendly experience, soft S-line is not suspense to make you the focus.


May Mei 2013 autumn new

Different shades of yellow and dark blue with a strong visual impact with stitching, stitching different material fabric design follow the trend of fashion trends. Thin chiffon shawl with neckline linked together to create a shawl effect, personality design refreshing. Pack hip dress full of gas, elegant career image easy to create.

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