The couple opened a workshop together to produce black heart cotton


The couple opened a workshop together and used a scrap to process the batting. Submitted by Zhangjiagang City Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province, the court recently sentenced defendant Chen Yong to six months imprisonment and suspended for one year for the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior products. The defendant Shao Qiu Xue was detained for five months and suspended for eight months. , And the fine of 50,000 yuan each.

In September 2010, Chen Yongfa and Shao Qiuxue, who had worked from Zhejiang to Zhangjiagang, rented a private house in Dawn Village of the city and opened a squeezing workshop. Chen Yong never purchased raw materials such as cotton through normal channels. Instead, he purchased textile mills, other cotton tires and other leftovers used in workshops and leftovers, cotton and other leftovers, used to process battings, and sold them to individual traders. At the time of sale, the amount of sales reached 59,000 yuan. In October 2011, after reports from the public, the law enforcement agencies investigated and investigated the workshops where Chen Yong ran the couple, and seized 1,254 products of finished cotton, chemical fiber waste, and broken batting on the spot.

After the court heard the case, Chen Yong trouble, Shao Qiuxue's behavior constitutes the crime of production and sale of shoddy products. According to the two people's crimes and repentance performances, etc., they are eligible for probation if they meet the applicable conditions for probation.