Xinjiang's cotton enterprises are busy with deposits, and there are widespread financial pressures on cotton companies.


According to Xinjiang cotton enterprises, due to the requirements of processing companies in Aksu, Kashgar, and Korla, the processing companies must pay off before the end of May, otherwise they will affect the 2012/13 loan payment quotas. At present, cotton enterprises generally feel pressure to increase suddenly and have to Pay your deposits as soon as possible and try to withdraw funds as soon as possible.

It is reported that cotton yarn and grey cloth stocks entering the cotton textile enterprises in the Mainland in March have not only declined, but have rebounded. In particular, high-middle-grade cotton yarns have taken up a lot of financial pressure, and orders for pick-up in May and June have not been noticeable. Cotton, such as Henan, Jiangsu and Shandong Plants have lowered the sales price of cotton yarns, so cotton textile companies have become more cautious in entering the market, and the purchase of high-grade Xinjiang cotton and real estate cotton has shown a decreasing trend. From the delivery and supervised warehouses in Jiangsu, Shandong, and other places, we learned that the standards for the warehouse receipts have declined to varying degrees. Some manufacturers have adopted various methods to make the four-level and five-level real estate cotton public inspection levels. Promote one level to meet warehouse receipt criteria. Some cotton spinning mills stated that due to problems such as high transportation pressure and high prices, the proportion of cotton warehouse receipts in Xinjiang is relatively low, and the probability of delivery matching to Xinjiang cotton is even less than 30%, once paired to level 4, level 5 Real estate cotton and cotton spinning companies are more likely to lose raw materials.

On March 15th, the price of Xinjiang Class 3 cotton in the Mainland was 20,400-20,700 yuan/ton (publicly fixed, ticketed, warehouse delivery), which was 100 yuan/ton lower than that on the 14th, and BAC cotton was 200-300 yuan/ton higher than local cotton. . According to the cotton enterprises, the current financial pressure on many cotton spinning companies in the Mainland is very tight. On the one hand, the increase in gauze stocks accounts for the pressure on capital. On the other hand, the company’s ability and channels have narrowed, and some cotton spinning enterprises can purchase a small amount of grade 2 and 3 in Xinjiang. Cotton, but the settlement of more acceptance **, some of the main arrears, and cotton companies also need to step up to withdraw funds, most of the cash requirements of cash, the pressure of the recent buyer and seller financial pressure is difficult to understand.