Amoy Emperor brand children's clothing to do with the children's elves


As one of China's top ten children's wear brands, Tao Di accumulated over the past 10 years of outstanding channel marketing experience and well-known brand reputation, so that Amoy Emperor has a solid and solid foundation for the rapid development and market opportunities. Amoy strong strong R & D team, diversified style design, rich product mix, in addition to the children's clothing, Amoy Di in 2012 the product line extends to the field of infants and young children, as well as children's shoes, bags, accessories and other ancillary products . In 2011, Amoy launched the brand image upgrade and international brand planning team to create the first-class image of VI and SI in Amoy emperor, re-define the brand value and put forward the brand slogan of "elf of the sea and Amoy emperor" Their elves "brand core value. Amoy Emperor's brand mascot is a dolphin, the dolphin is the sea elves, the ocean's elves with bravery, sunshine, partners, the best quality, but this is also Amoy emperor brand value re-brand to convey to consumers a brand concept , Amoy Emperor hopes to give children the courage to face life; to give children the sunshine mentality; to give children the joy of growth; help them become the best wizard. Amoy Emperor positioning the marine culture, open the innovative store model, with the concept of "marine culture" to create the experience of terminals, through distinctive exhibition hall design and strong cultural ideas to convey the brand appeal, Amoy emperor is the representative of this way of life, driven by cultural force Sales force.