Finette-selection (colorful) women to elegant and natural to reveal


In this beautiful world, every woman is the grace of the Creator, 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, each stage has a unique beauty, youthful and lively, sweet and pretty, intellectual gentle, elegant and romantic, beautiful need careful To create, to the right time, at the right place for the perfect clothing.




Finette-selection unleashes a sense of understated luxury in the neo-classical romance, innovatively tailored and romanticized with magnificent imagination, blending into the oriental, feminine, and prolonging the visual route for fluid and gorgeous comfort , Close to the fashion but not drifting, elegant and natural show, and constantly create a woman's dream. For 25-35 years old, have a certain degree of economic ability and aesthetic vision, independent thinking, the pursuit of perfection, fashion yet feminine modern new women.