2012 experience Series underwear new listing walk in the forefront of the trend


Hong Kong Experience brand underwear keen on the United States to explore, always walk in the forefront of the trend, from classic pop art to the Italian style of minimalist art, and then fresh pastoral style and retro style, continue to draw inspiration from design, and then use Soft silk, caring cotton, romantic all-lace and rich color bred shape, exudes feminine atmosphere, throbbing underwear fashion!


Affiliate underwear chain has become a popular business venture. Experience in the coming days, determined to colleagues in my "experience" as the core brand, market-oriented, relying on a solid platform based together to create a giant underwear industry!

2012体会系列內衣全新上市 游走在潮流的前沿

From entering the market to introduce internationally sophisticated design style, product design and taste to fashion and taste, with the traditional underwear in the design style has its own distinct characteristics, there is no traditional underwear design similarity.