Warm congratulations to the Xizi Ladies' Apparel March 11 opening of new stores simultaneously


Warmly congratulate the Xizi Ladies Womens March bloom in the country gorgeous, Jiangxi Shangrao shop, Jiangsu Huaian shop, Heilongjiang Shuangyashan shop, Shanxi Houma shop, Shandong Changyi shop, Hangzhou Fuyang shop, Jiangxi Ji'an shop, Changzhou store in Jiangsu, Hubei Jingmen shop , Tongbai shop in Henan, Henan Luohe shop, 11 new store opened simultaneously! ! !


Brand discount store This new retail format has become a fast-growing industry. As the discount market, Xizi Wire Dress has always been rich in operational experience to improve product quality and focus on after-sales service as its top priority, and strive to create a customer satisfaction High brand women's discount business.


The company's flagship product brings together eight domestic factions nearly a thousand brands formed a strategic alliance, covering the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, leisure, fashion, ladies and other styles of women, affordable, ultra-low discount, service in place, with a strong The market competitive advantage.

Products name:Cheap and beautiful wholesale Indoor Slipper

Out sole:EVA & TPR.                             

Size: 29cm as normal,size customized.

Upper materrial: fleece.                                         

Logo:offset printig logo, embroidery, hot-trans-printing.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: 50-200 pairs per carton as request.

Delivery Detail: 30days.               


1. New designed promotional gift slipper
2. Customized color and size
3. High quality, fair price

Indoor Slipper

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