What hairstyle ponytail popular recently with what looks good


As the temperature increases, many girls are considering changing models. What kind of hairstyle for yourself? No matter what the face of a girl straight hair curly sister paper can tie the tail. Playful ponytail is very refreshing, leaving a very mental impression. However, what to wear Zama tail look good? Xiaobian introduce you two.

芘筃 - BEIN

This long-sleeved shirt fresh mint color, very effective to reduce the age of the skin. Big doll collar dotted with sweet and playful lace. The middle of the white lace black lines set off by the woman's body line is perfect. Comfortable cotton fabric, soft body, with a beige bow plaid skirt, full of youth range children. Pony tail tie up the very shape of the goddess Fan children.

最近流行什么发型 马尾辫搭配什么好看

This powder orange shirt with a comfortable fabric, simple style, suitable for all types of girls. Delicate jacquard design, it is generous appearance. Black doll collar design, a balanced overall color. With a simple denim shorts, fresh and neat collocation, and ponytail without any sense of compromise, whether shopping or work are very eye-catching.

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Knit Light Fabric,  soft with stretch, single jersey, or interlock , pique, mesh, bird-eye, fabric can be solid dyed, yarn dye, printed, jacquard,  melange effect, CD yarn designs,   fabric composition can be cotton , poly cotton, polyester, cotton rich; CD yarn designs . The fabric mainly for the T shirts, golfer , good for sport wear. 

Cationic Yarn Fabric

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