Tracing the sentiment of Chinese ancient wedding jewelry traceability


Since ancient times, the Chinese have been exposed to emotions, and they have a good sentiment. Invest in Tao Li, reported to Qiong Jun. There is a saying in the Book of Songs, and the sentiment is combined with the beauty of jade. Gold and silver jewellery is a natural gift, and the craftsman knocks it, and it can be embedded. Landscapes, flowers, birds and insects, mythical immortals, are carved into it.

Emerald ring

Emerald ring

As one of the most important rituals in human life, wedding often contains the most fundamental beliefs and culture of a nation. Because of its own value, wedding jewellery has become the carrier of human feelings and blessings in the beginning of human society. With the development and precipitation of culture, human beings have projected the beliefs and aesthetics of the nation into jewels to make them more meaningful. In terms of gold, love is more than Jin Jian. The jade is burning, and the peaches are reported. It is a gift of nature, a representation of art, a symbol of status, and a circulation of human feelings, bearing blessings and beautiful passages from generation to generation.

The Chinese jewellery, which carries the 5,000-year civilization of China, began to perform its exclusive dance on the planet. The swaying sleeves are the thousand-year style of dragon and phoenix dance. Until the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Jinyu has been widely used in jewellery as a very important part of the wedding ceremony.

Bulgari gold and diamonds cosmetic case, 1950

Bulgari gold and diamonds cosmetic case, 1950

The mother marries a woman. Before the daughter gets on the sedan, the mother often has to personally send a "Jin Bag" embroidered with Kirin, which is filled with jewellery such as gold enamel and jade bracelet, and a pledge of fullness is sent to On the other hand, it means that the daughter is very happy and smooth after marriage.

Men hire women to marry, and naturally, there is also a golden jade in the dowry. In ancient times, "Dream Liang Bi Marriage" records: rich families, dowry must have "Zhu Cui, jewelry, gold"; and official family, the dowry must have "Zhu Cui special 珠, Zhu Cui group crown, four o'clock crown flower, Zhu Cui platoon "Welcome to jewelry. From time to time, the Beijing-Tianjin area pays attention to the “eight big golds” in the dowry: Jin Hao (Bracelet), Jin Jin, Golden Ring, Gold Earrings, Golden Dragonfly, Golden Flower, Gold Necklace, Golden Abdomen Hook, etc. Ruyi, rich and glory. In Hong Kong, which follows the old customs of Guangdong, the husband's family must present 9 pieces of dragon and phoenix bracelets and gold pendants to the bride. The weight should also be a multiple of 9, taking the meaning of "long-term". Jade and gold ornaments are also traditional wedding jewels in many areas, symbolizing the blessings of “Golden Jade Manchu”. As can be seen from the remains of these ancient marriage customs, jewelry is an indispensable part of the dowry and dowry. The long-lasting character of gold is also the blessing of the elders for their future marriage.

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