Children's summer dress New elegant skirt left childhood memories


As the temperature rises, gradually usher in the long-awaited summer. Summer, the air filled with ice cream flavor, full of sweet. Childhood, how old are those 8090 people from us. However, TA, as a new generation of flowers in the motherland, should leave beautiful memories from an early age. A beautiful little girl, how can I not buy her a flower skirt? With her innocent and lovely, walking along the beach, enjoy playing, spray hit in her flying skirt sad, leaving a bunch of cheerful footprints. Pink dress, fungus flowers embellishment, it is cute and sweet. Purple print at the skirt at the unscrupulous embellishment, free and easy, it is adorable. When the pink hit white, a pure little Lolita shape it. Mainly white color, pink doll collar and skirt pink lace echo each other, very delicate and sweet. Comfortable fabrics, simple style, light texture, highlighting the clothes everywhere. Heart, bought it for her.