How to match the floral skirt with a good look? Cowboy jacket jacquard wind mix


Whether it is the East and the West, floral clothing items are very popular. No matter what style of girls, wear flower floral items fashion and fresh. The following for everyone to introduce the floral skirt, a lot of color for this spring and summer. Different collocation will have different effects. Like to come to the store, take it home.


This sleeveless dress simple style, light texture is very comfortable. Slim Korean design, the highlight of a woman's figure is very charming. Under the breeze blowing, like a nabi dancing. Yellow belt embellishment, it is cute cute. With a cowboy vest, mix and match the style, it is fashionable.


This floral skirt to warm color-based color system, will make people think of the small hillsides blooming, a scene of prosperity. White flowers bloom, yellow flower embellishment, other colors set off, are very attractive demon. With a pink leather, ladies' style, fashion with, it is very lovable. A pair of high heels, you can wear a woman's temperament.

Picture from: Lipstick Women

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