Method of choosing home textiles


1. Pay attention to the requirements of decorative arts. Interior decoration is an art design. When purchasing home textiles, we should pay attention to the artistic conception of the overall indoor environment in terms of pattern design, color matching and texture texture of the fabric, thus creating a harmonious and pleasing purpose. Aesthetic.

First of all, it is necessary to combine the color of the furniture to determine a main color, so that the overall color and beauty of the living room are coordinated: Secondly, each room should be highlighted—a key point that allows people to be attracted to it as soon as they enter the room. The general bedroom is centered on the bed and the living room is centered on the sofa. In addition, there must be a finishing touch. When wall coverings, carpets, etc. have made the room as a whole harmonious, you can use the contrast effect of TV sets, cushions, etc. as an embellishment (the embellishment point should not be too much, otherwise it will be disorderly). In addition, we must master the decorative features of various types of home textiles, such as carpets to pay attention to the atmosphere of the pattern, the color is calm, the curtains should be prominently suspended, double-sided effect.

2. Meeting the requirements of comfort and safety With the rapid development of China's economy, people not only need to look good and have a taste in their home environment, but also pay more attention to the quality of life. People hope to live in a leisurely, safe, non-irritating and non-toxic green ecological space. in. When choosing home textile products. When you want to do it: check the logo, look at the packaging; find the famous products, look at the manufacturers; look at the appearance, look at the work; four smells, pick flowers.

3. Pay attention to the convenience of use of household textiles must also pay attention to: processing, installation and disassembly should be convenient, light weight, small size for collection, antibacterial, corrosion resistance, light fastness, abrasion resistance, washing resistance, high color fastness Should it be easy to clean and maintain? Bedding should have antibacterial function, sofa cloth should have anti-fouling function, curtain should be able to prevent ultraviolet rays, carpet should have its own anti-static function, and home textile brands in public places such as hotels should have flame retardant function.

4. Requirements for the use of objects The use of objects includes the use of people and places of use.

The use of the population has differences in age, gender, personality, blood type, occupation, living environment, cultural accomplishment, religious beliefs, etc. These differences are also reflected in their preference for home textiles. These factors must be considered when choosing home textiles. Taking the age difference of the people in use as an example, the elderly room should use a fabric with dark tones and elegant patterns to give a deep and steady feeling. The children's room is suitable for fabrics with bright colors and strong contrasting colors to achieve a lively and jumping. Vivid effect.

According to the main body of the place of use, there are mainly hotels, homes, companies, hospitals, vehicles, boats, schools, shopping malls, art theaters, etc. The choice of household textiles should generally follow the "hotels want the atmosphere, the home is warm, the hospital is quiet, the art garden needs exaggeration" in principle. According to the global affiliate network, there are mainly living rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, kitchen dining rooms, bathrooms, offices, conference halls, workshops, leisure halls, etc. according to the independent spaces inside the venue. Elegant, the bedroom should be warm and secret, the living room needs to be generous and bright, and the study is quiet and simple.

5. Emphasis on the requirements of the series matching household textiles, must be combined with the overall interior decoration, the pattern, color and texture of the fabric should be matched with each other, thus forming a more obvious style series.

The home textile series mainly refers to the art style series, which are roughly: bright and warm - free and easy, yet soft and elegant, with warm and lively colors such as warm yellow and orange, showing a warm and pleasant atmosphere; lively Combined type - create a lively and clear visual experience with strong color combination and color layering; gorgeous and elegant - embellished by cloth painting, making full use of eye-catching ornaments, tassels, etc. The theater is bright and harmonious; the balance is balanced - the balance of the lines and the harmony of the color, not using the unconventional combination or bold colors; simple and plain type - elegant and elegant patterns and elegant light colors, such as beige, brown , light blue, etc.; novel combination - completely personalized and creative.

The home textile series also has a regional style series. The domestic ones are more common in Chinese, European, Japanese, and Hong Kong. In addition, there is a difference between classical and modern.

6. In line with the reasonable cost requirements, the interior decoration can be generally divided into three types: luxury high-grade, elegant mid-range, simple and frugal. When using home textiles, it must meet the price level of the overall interior decoration, and it must be properly matched and complement each other. In a simple and frugal room, the pattern of the fabric should be simple and elegant, and the fabric is strong and durable. If high-grade materials are used in some local materials, the effect is often counterproductive and uncoordinated. On the contrary, in the luxury high-end rooms, if all the materials are pursuing the price level and seeking luxury, the effect is not necessarily satisfactory. Sometimes, one or two pieces of home textiles with rough style, simple color and random shape can be added. Received amazingly good results.

7. Keeping up with the demands of fashion trends, using home textiles, we should follow the trend of the trend, reflect the changes of the times, and reflect the progress of science and civilization.