IFEICE (love Fei silk) underwear, effort to create the perfect "type"


IFEICE (my precious silk) is adjustable underwear love yarn one of the Group's four major international clothing brand underwear, fashion, elegant, comfortable and healthy for the brand proposition, its design inspired by Italian, Chinese and Western, is designed for the East Tailored objects for women.


Love yarn apparel group executive director and director of marketing Zou Jifu 2012 Love yarn clothing group spring and summer new underwear conference said that underwear culture of our country goes back to ancient Han dynasty, from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, underwear are constantly changing, and changes in the accumulation of deep cultural connotation. Nowadays, the potential of underwear is becoming larger and larger with an increasingly wide range of audiences. From low-income groups to high-level white-collar workers, the technology, culture and brand of the underwear industry have also become the focus of much attention. Love yarn apparel group as the first brand of Chinese health underwear in the future, but also continue to increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation, and constantly strengthen the brand culture, because the little underwear is not just a product, but also a culture, love Yarn has the responsibility and obligation to inherit the long history of Chinese culture underwear.

IFEICE as the main force in the adjustment of underwear brand, and other underwear brand difference is that not only the fabric thin, breathable, sterilization, skin care, comfort, environmental protection, and use memory alloy steel ring instead of ordinary Rim, the so-called memory Rim Rims, also known as Ni-Ti alloy Rims, the US military high-tech products, not only can rub, but also machine washable, both effectively hold the breast, breasts support to prevent sagging , But also can improve the microcirculation of the breast, massage the breasts, prevent various breast diseases, end the history of ordinary steel ring oppression breast, is the perfect combination of technology and fashion. IFEICE underwear memory function, so that the original ordinary bra is like a magical memory in general, when women wear it, love yarn Baby Magic Bra will be based on the female body temperature within a certain range of automatic adjustment bra The size of the bra to maintain stability and deformation, and has super flexibility and fit, both for breasts to provide a reasonable living space, but also just right to hold breasts, this amazing feature, the industry known as the " Magic Ring bra. "
And ordinary underwear version of different forms, IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) no gorgeous piled up, only the perfect details of the show. Lace lace and other details embellishment to meet the romantic complex of modern women, but also full of fashionable atmosphere, so that each woman exudes from the inside out of the stunning temptation to achieve the perfect transformation of the beautiful body.

IFEICE is like a magician, no matter how bad you are. Just wearing IFEICE underwear can realize the beautiful dream of "fair lady" and "stylish woman." Concise style, natural and comfortable new experience, leaving IFEICE (Ai Feisi) brand connotation deep into the hearts of people.

IFEICE stunning charm, lies in its ability to accurately capture the bright spots of the female figure, while weakening the body blemishes, so that women can not be confident to wear self-confidence, the moment to create the perfect "type of woman", has become countless fashion Female lingerie sacred goods.