I wish VIVIdion women's Etuokeqi 207 square meters big store opened


I wish Beijing Vivendi branch - VIVIdion Etuokeqi 207 square meters big store opened, and wish Etuoke Zhuzhu : business is booming, Caijin Guangjin . Hard working partners all night long, redouble our efforts! Create success!

In your impression, the clothing store is like? 207 square meters is not the only luxury that should have the area? However, in Etuoke Banner, VIVIdion207 square meters of the store can definitely subvert your visual senses. At first glance to see this big store let you surprise, gray exterior decoration, eye-catching brand Logo and the image of the wall, the first time pass the brand information to consumers, the store entrance a kind of family-like feeling, warm And has affinity.

Into the store, warm lighting, orderly layout, the product of progressive display, spacious enough shopping environment no longer crowded shopping. Here, you can enjoy 徜 徉 in the clothing of the ocean, in addition to clothing, accessories are also very complete, safe to meet your one-stop shopping needs.

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