Congratulations ZOLLE Wuhan Wandiao Lake Wanda Plaza re-opened because of women's clothing


Although the hot people feel that summer is too sad, but extremely enjoy the fun of the summer, want to take advantage of the summer tail and then buy a few beautiful summer dress to repaint themselves, but also want to lead the first Autumn trend, why not "ZOLLE because " Women Wuhan water chestnut Lake Wanda Plaza shop too! New store opened, a lot of concessions, and more 2014 autumn new first landing.

因为 - ZOLLE


As can be seen from the shop pictures, the new store's main facade with a full transparent design, the window a few clean, the outside can see the store's layout and clothing features. And the new store has a spacious shopping area, even during peak hours will not have crowded feeling, strongly create a comfortable, relaxed environment.



In addition to the rich product line and comfortable decoration style, there is a little intimate Oh, that is, the store offers free Wifi, which is simply perfect for the mobile phone party, so you can always share their shopping friends. Then the brand's WeChat QR code next to it, but also a good way to promote.

Ladies' Casual Shoes

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