What to wear a woman wearing a formal occasion such as wedding reception to wear what


Woman's beauty is not only in appearance, more of the clothing set off, temperament contrast. What kind of clothing can be a woman's elegant background? Red Kai Beier ladies model for you with each paragraph are filled with young and elegant, is a lot of quality women's wardrobe essential single product. Here are several women's dress, which you prefer?

红凯贝尔 - HOKABR

Mysterious combination of black and red, will hit a chic ya Yun and mystery. High-grade texture, unique version, soft and comfortable fabrics, all highlight the temperament. Big red step skirt, sexy black slits skirt, simple lace cardigan, full of charm, elegant and graceful.

女人穿什么有气质 参加婚宴等正式场合穿什么

A look at this white dress can be seen a woman's elegant temperament and extraordinary clothing. Whether it is to attend a wedding or other grand occasion, will be very suitable. Stand-collar version of the model, waist design, details of small flowers embellishment, a unique fake two-piece set, contrasting the extraordinary woman's temperament.

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