Fashion fish flagship store in Henan Xinxiang Department Store grand opening


Xinxiang Department Store opened on July 1, 1952, it was the first large-scale state-owned department store and retail mall in the Central China newly established by the founding of new China, and was reorganized as a limited liability company in 1998. In 2008, it was confirmed by the Henan provincial government For the province focused on cultivating 30 large-scale commerce and trade enterprises in 2009 by the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce identified as "Henan old name." Fashion fish recently born in this cultural and economic integration of the developing cities among the personality and charm into the local fashion. Fashion fish flagship store landing Xinxiang, Henan Province Department Store fashion flagship store landing fish fashion Xinxiang, Henan Department Store fashion flagship store fish landing Xinxiang, Henan Department Stores Fashionable fish children's clothing brand is the Philippine-Hsien Trade Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, the agency's children's clothing brand, fashion small Fish brand children's vision of the future together to create "fashion children's clothing, the first brand." Interpretation of fashion fish is not just the child's personality and fashion charm, but from the inside to outside of the profound cultural heritage. Fully demonstrate children's fashion, lively, full of dynamic personality.


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