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Avant-garde beauty professionals like Yun-ya refreshing plate hair. Whether it is receiving customers or attending training, will give a good impression of comfort. So, the plate with what style of clothing is better? The following describes several dresses, high-grade fabrics, beautiful style must be suitable for you beauty.


Fresh color print skirt low collar version, outline the charming clavicle curve. Classic version of the simple version of the design, pleated skirt, waist style, the woman is not perfect stature set off a very temperament. And able hair is a great match. Turquoise dress, doll collar and plate hair, less youth, full of charm.

盘发搭配什么裙子好看 印花裙夏季新款

The same rustic floral print skirt, revealing a simple and elegant literary Fan children, yellow plate hair, the spirit of the skin, the whole is very lovable. Next to the same suit jacket, with a white lace two-piece, simple ball head, filling a woman's elegance. Summer, the more simple the more refreshing look better.

Photo courtesy: Manya slave women

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