Congratulations handsome Miss Suining, Sichuan signed "TEGER Tiger" stores and TEGER Tiger Tongchuang win-win!


Just as the weather in August was so hot and hot, the pace of joining women's agents was also accelerating. When I heard that my colleagues were in full swing to open new stores, "TEGER Tiger " women did not show any weakness. In midsummer, 8 Month, Miss Suining, Sichuan Shuai successful signing "TEGER Tiger" stores, enjoy cross-season 50% exchange goods, Tongchuang win-win, Thanksgiving have you !!! In addition to joining the affirmative policy, TEGER Tiger will provide Shop through-train service, and dealers for a better future.

æ³°æ ¼-TEGER


热烈祝贺四川遂宁帅小姐签约“TEGER泰格”专卖店 与TEGER泰格同创共赢!


Entrepreneurship to find projects, joining to find Tiger - TEGER, warm congratulations here in Sichuan Miss Suining signed "TEGER Tiger" stores, in the future business path, but also with TEGER Tiger mutual benefit and work together to create belongs to us sky.

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