2012 Mark Fairwhale JEANS men open the dream fortress


Imagine being in a snow-capped mountain with a log cabin lit with flames, a hot cup of hot cacao, a unique home furnishing, and relaxing music. This is Fairwhale Jeans 2012 autumn and winter series gives us the feeling. March 25, 2012, Beijing Exhibition Center, a full of surprises, exploration, a special ice castle fashion show will be unveiled before us. Dream Castle, snow trip This is a wonderful moment to close your eyes meditation, the magic of the New World show will appear in front of us. Even if the reality is immutable, the inspiration is unprecedented, and the snowflakes in the wind and the snow castle in the dream are about to show. There may be a bit of an exaggeration to be seen, but Fairwhale Jeans is designed to keep you in the middle of the spiritual world; the collection includes a large collection of fur trimmings and uniforms for fashion, tile designs, architectural prints, carpet patterns And many other elements of vintage totem, designers are all used up, the pattern of men in the end. Brick wall-based complex prints and navy coats, motorcycle leather, sweatpants, casual dresses and even the western cowboy athletic leather pants each other, people see a ready to "shout" light punk spirit. The splicing, wide-leg pants, broad-brimmed hat, high waist line the most popular elements nowadays will also appear in Fairwhale Jeans 2012 autumn and winter conference of the T station. They may look sven, they may be unknown, but their heart must be hot, eager to release. They are eager to get attention, like to express themselves, and always keen on making distinctive ideas. They are producers and disseminators of the hottest topic in society. They think humor can show their ideas, and sometimes make "little bad" harmless. They do not like drift, there must be their own ideas, they are rebellious, but they must love this world and have a firm belief. Leisure time, they are keen on sports and clubbing, or simply sit on the floor or home to do "Humble." They are the male group of Fairwhale Jeans, who have tried their best to build the most gorgeous ice castle in the universe. Ice Castle, the door is about to open standing in front of the European-style ice castle, with a heavy door slowly open, the faint blue light from the castle revealed, ethereal and rhythmic music around the ear to greet us will be How a feast? Follow that mysterious blue light to greet the most gorgeous mysterious European paradise, Fairwhale Jeans (Mark Fairwhale JEANS Men) invites you to watch the mysterious snow castle gives us a visual feast. With immediate concern Mark Fairwhale JEANS Men's official microblogging @ FAIRWHALEJEANS Ice Core limited edition products at a haircut, will invite 5 pairs of microblogging guests to visit the scene. Who will join you into the mysterious paradise of the snow castle? ! Fairwhale Jeans For Men Waiting for you who have not yet melted.