Vionnet 2015 spring and summer women's wear 2014 spring and summer women's fashion trends


Since Chanel and Dior moved their sneakers to the T stage of the Gaoding show field, the impact of the sporting trend on the fashion was just as fast as Usain Bolt's 100m sprint. The Vionnet show in Spring and Summer 2015 was unusually quiet, especially pure white and cream.

The models were dressed in elegant long skirts and their figures were projected on the walls, like the ballistic dance of ballet. Goga Ashkenazi, the creative director, talks in the background about “inspired dance” as if it were the chiffon skirt where dancer Isadora Duncan danced. The "sports sense of sport" is thus manifested.

From the simple nude color skirt to the Saskia de Brauw finale, wearing a white three-dimensional tailored dress skirt, wrinkles and Greek-style drape pleats is a tribute to Madeleine Vionnet. Tights and blouses, backpacks with pleated skirts, polyethylene belts, leather gladiator sandals and shawls may be a little crazy, but it's very much in line with the modern version of Artemis. Perhaps this is what Ashkenazi said she wants to improve the Vionnet style so that it looks more modern. This has to admire this passionate legendary brand and the world-renowned, modern-looking off-cuts.

The most advantage of this fabric type is: it has the seem like of Embroidery fabric, but doesn`t has the high cost as Embroidery, because actually it is Jacquard fabric. Once it comes out at the beginning of 2016 which we first showed it in Heimtextile 2016, it becomes a new choose from most of the clients!

Polyester Jacquard Pattern of Window Curtain Fabric GF026 Red

New Types of Ready Made Window Curtain GF029 Water Blue

Polyester Embroidery Like Jacquard Curtain Rod Fabric GF024 Chocolate

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