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Crystal jewelry can be regarded as the most commonly purchased jewelry, they are not only beautiful, they are also very cheap compared to other gems, and have a very close price. But crystal is also a kind of gem that is very easy to be artificially manufactured. The value of artifacts is naturally better than the price of natural products, so people should be careful when purchasing crystal jewelry. Here are five ways to identify natural crystals.

Color: The color of the crystal is various, but only the green crystal should be paid more attention. The green natural crystal is very rare, so the price should be high, but most of the green crystals on the market are synthetic.

Impurities: Naturally formed gemstones contain impurities in the crystal. The presence of some impurities gives the crystal a higher value, and these impurities are also the best proof of the natural nature of the crystal. Crystals such as titanium crystals and hair crystals are difficult to synthesize.

Hardness: The hardness of the crystal can reach seven, which is much higher than the hardness of ordinary glass. It is said that the crystal should be able to draw glass, as long as the simple test on the glass can get the answer.

Temperature: Natural crystal has a special cool feeling, it can make you feel the coolness in your hand, and the glass jewelry is generally warm, and the temperature in your hand will rise rapidly.

Price: Although crystal is a cheaper gemstone, artificial crystal is cheaper, so when faced with crystals whose price is lower than the market price, it is necessary to keep one more eye.


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