October 28 Yiliya women's & children's clothing new winter hit



The need to advance stocking, snapped up the opportunity to pretty models, October 28 Yiliya new products (winter) on the goods brand:

10月28日 耶丽雅女装&童装新品冬装来袭

Women : Clara bright gold, at a glance

The brand women to simple and elegant, elegant and stylish style, fully demonstrated the elegance of women, gentle and charming temperament.

10月28日 耶丽雅女装&童装新品冬装来袭

Children's clothing: Peas wardrobe

While maintaining the simple, practical and free style, the beanie closet children pay more attention to the change of the quality of the fabric and the detail of the clothing. Both the rich oriental culture and the modern Western sense of style are also available.

10月28日 耶丽雅女装&童装新品冬装来袭

Echocardiography Oh, hurry!

10月28日 耶丽雅女装&童装新品冬装来袭

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