No steel underwear girlfriend, let the breast healthy breathing


Underwear industry, every innovation and change will make women's wear and health have been qualitative improvement. Today's women, they know how to decorate themselves, the requirements for underwear is also getting higher and higher. Steel bra will make a woman's chest more tall and straight, but they have to endure the constraints of the steel ring, the steel ring uncomfortable, no steel ring is not tall and straight, which allows them to both a keep the chest plump, but also free movement Bound bras look forward to. Their demand for underwear, but also from the initial cover, warm and other basic physiological functions to the pursuit of quality, comfort, fashion, branding stage.


Gui Mi breathing underwear without steel ring health underwear advocate comfortable, zero pressure, unfettered health concept design, the perfect personal, abundance and type, a breakthrough to solve the "steel ring uncomfortable, no steel ring is not upright" this Difficulties, once again successfully created a legendary history of women's health underwear.

With the development of society, people's living pressure and working pressure gradually increase, and the proportion of women suffering from breast diseases is getting higher and higher. Although the traditional steel underwear to provide consumers with the perfect styling, but due to improper wear caused by breast disease abound. Breast is the second face of a woman, nipples and breasts are like mouth and nose, they most need is free breathing and breathable, however, many women, in order to show the chest curve, often without exception, choose a thick sponge and a steel support Bra, these bras will make the breast a long time by the steel support oppression, affecting blood circulation and supply, leading to the meridians and qi and blood are not smooth, over time can easily lead to breast hyperplasia and other diseases.


Gui Mi breathable underwear no ring healthy underwear, no steel ring can also play a supporting stereotypes, which can better protect the breast blood circulation and nutrition support. The advantage of the girlfriend without rimmed underwear is that it uses memory materials and three-dimensional fitting design concept. It can design different functions for different parts of female breasts. The memory material can be adjusted to body shape at any time with the movement of the human body. To prevent the formation of milk, three-dimensional fit the design concept for the perfect integration of underwear and body shape, as the second layer of skin as comfortable and natural, free breathing. The girl without the steel ring underwear to solve the health of a woman has long wanted to sculpture chest type, but was distressed steel ring distressed mood, become the perfect underwear in the minds of women, women are gradually becoming the new darling of consumers.

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