How to better match children's wear? Babbitt rabbit to tell you


How to better match children's wear? Many mothers bought their children's clothes back to the children wearing the body will feel and the store with a big difference between such a problem. In fact, children's clothing style is fixed, but with the style or with us to arrange. A good children's clothing can not just wear on the body will look good, but also need their own reasonable collocation, so as to better reflect the value of this children's clothing. Babbitt children today to tell you how to wear children's wear, with a better look! For your baby to create the most IN children with! Such a long black print sweater, mix and match a denim shirt, exposing denim shirt lapel, enhance the degree of fashion. The lower body can be matched with a pair of black knee socks + black and white splicing tube boots + black bowler decoration, you can create a different fashion atmosphere, absolutely dazzling! Light blue hippocampus wool sweater, fresh colors, with a white chiffon shirt skirt, revealing rich layers of skirts, mix and match the light yellow leggings and white hollow boots, let your baby walk The forefront of fashion. This boy suit jacket, black leather fabric and red wool fabric stitching, rigid and flexible spike everyone's eye. Take a simple black letter printing sweater + camel jeans + black boots, great sense of the whole. Handsome boy is going to wear it!

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