HS line variations - to create the perfect body


Stripes as eternal elements, autumn and winter stripes are not peace and stability in any direction, more pursuit of indulgence hit color and distortion. The variety of lines is interesting and varied. With the popular hand-drawn elements of this year, you can become a beautiful illustration or unique plaid, and then evolve into the illusion of massive geometric like a light change, perfect the entire series Connected in series Pop art stripe spread, through two-color stitching, twisted to achieve a strong sense of visual impact and presence, and the formation of visual illusion can achieve the perfect self-cultivation effect.


Straight-line abstract line printed dress, using thick knit material, hem stitching crumple lace, the modern sporty and elegant feminine perfect combination. Smooth lines outline the abstract face pattern, breaking the silence, highlighting the personality. With the fantastic rhombus digital printing, enriched the overall visual effects.


Lace dress is an essential item in a fashionable woman. Classic black and white line grid, Outer Mongolia sexy black lace, a unique two-piece design both real and out of color. Into the retro elements of a small high-necked, very seasonal season in early winter, looming sense of perspective, to show charming charm.


Classic black and white grid lamb lamb coat, bright coat with a bright texture, natural hair curl no lack of cute. Soft sheepskin noodles, revealing a sense of luxury low-key. Truncated length does not pick the body, lengthen the visual proportion of the legs, even more modern and elegant style.

Polyester Fleece

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