Do not forget the beginning of heart, determined to follow the brand nine years Pencil Club dealer interviews


Rush Mo foam poly Tim, get the tide of the sea a total of navigation. A few inches of pencils meaning, cherish the wind and rain for nine long. Nine years, pencil club walked all the way, how many people wandering, how many people left. Years will be really over and over again panning, the belief again and again to verify, sent usher in, leaving just follow the heart of the followers, the same storm, Xiangrumo Mo, unswervingly, together to break a brilliant world . "Pencil Club" General Manager Chen of Hunan Province and General Manager Jiang of Zhejiang Province is one of the representatives. They have a very different personality, different life, but because of the "pencil club" and show the same gorgeous color. Meet Pencil Club: born of love "First look pencil club really dramatic, be regarded as love at first sight." Chiang now talk about the tone of this story is very easy, those past memories and edges in time and experience, Wash away the lead, the rest is only a memory of the hearts of people. It is hard to imagine that a restaurant owner who fought for many years abroad will resolutely abandon his overseas career and return to the motherland to plunge into a completely unfamiliar children's clothing market. He explained: "I really like children, always feel that clothing, especially children's wear and I have a special fate." It is this wonderful intuition, his life trajectory has a wonderful turning point. "It has been nine years since I saw the Pencil Club's work at the Beijing Fashion Show. I was just getting ready to enter the business, and the design, culture and philosophy of the pencil came in handy with my ideas. I think the designer must also follow me Like the children have a deep love for it. "He said without hesitation, Xiao Hehe said," At that moment I was attracted by a pencil, and that feeling can only be described as hate late. "So ,contact. So, signing. So, open up. So, his current career has reached a certain height. When it comes to getting involved, unlike Chiang's vast experience in commercial sea, Chen always is a modernist poet full of romance in Hunan Province. 2005 was also operating a children's clothing at his friend's recommendation, holding a look away from the attitude into the Pencil Club Dongguan headquarters, caring enterprises, practical Tim Xiang Xiang, exquisite products, excellent Quality, so he did not hesitate to immediately join the "Pencil Club." This cooperation is nine years old, and now he has a number of pencil club stores, doing well, the children's wear market in Hunan occupy an important place. Hand in hand pencil: each other in China in 2005, the apparel industry has long been a thriving scene. Mushroomed brands frantically grow in the market, a little carelessly inevitably feather and return. The new "Pencil Club" is in this environment, with the franchisee to lay the world. Entrepreneurial difficulties, Chiang is still still full of gratitude: "At that time in addition to a little bit of money, I was a manpower, two no experience, three no market and Zhejiang here you know, large and small brands, If alone, it is difficult for me to take a slice of it. "Initially, many franchisees are facing the general dilemma Chiang, Pencil Club has invested a lot of manpower and resources for this purpose, from the store to the decoration, to service training, To propaganda and distribution have been given spare no help and guidance. Franchisees have also insisted that step by step in their respective regions opened the "pencil club" market. "If you identify a brand, then you must stick to it." Jiang total firm said that the beginning of the road may be more difficult to go some, a brand has just entered a local market for everyone to understand and accept, it has to have A process, many people did not persevere in this process. The timing of this process depends on the specific place, some time may be slightly longer, about a year, some may be a few months. Children's wear threshold is very low, in fact, what people can do, but if you want to be successful must adhere to! Of course, this is very difficult. Many people gave up on the moment they did not succeed. It is a pity. "From the beginning of business to the present, Chen, who always insists on writing poems every day, is always very emotional. He also marvels about today's success." Together with the pencil club, we can support each other in a stormy day. In the most difficult time, we never thought of giving up the pencil club, pencil club never thought to leave us! This is what kind of feelings it! We and the caring, pragmatic enthusiasm of the pencil club survived one after another with difficulty, told myself insisted on the most difficult days spent, the situation will be better and better behind! I have always believed this point. "The vicissitudes of the man looked calm, unshakable look moving. Followed by the pencil: Sincere letter In the common growth with the pencil, the franchisee and the pencil club in the concept of always maintain the unity, honest letter , Always with the "love" throughout the brand culture deeply penetrated between the whole and the individual, with each other, collide with each other, stirring more purely tacit understanding .Chen is such a deep recognition and practice pencil club "love "The boss of corporate culture." The company's employees are the company's wealth, is the wings of business take-off. "Chen always treats employees just as his family members do. Employees are in trouble. He takes the first one to help him from time to time. From time to time, he also helps employees to solve problems and give them the best possible benefits." He said: "Care for the heart, you care about employees, employees put the business as a home. Many employees left and soon wanted to come back, of course I welcome them back. Thank them for agreeing to our corporate culture - which is also one of the Pencil Club culture. "Mr. Chen is still in the company to create a" happy "culture," I always emphasize the atmosphere is that everyone happy to do things, if you are not happy, please leave; If you let others unhappy, please leave. "He thanked the staff for their support and hoped that they could spend happily each day and enjoyed their work happily. For the customers, he always demanded that he and his subordinates should not make any mistakes." In the face of tough customers, He would patiently handle the matter personally, and he said seriously: "I think honesty should be the most important thing for businessmen, treat people honestly and faithfully. Those of us who do business rely on these two words to operate. I will not give up the word integrity in any case. Practical man, hard work, or do not do anything good. "Penang Club is so lucky to be with such a trustworthy dealer! Prosperity Pencil Club: Responsibility is the first Pencil Club has a strong sense of responsibility since its inception, which is also necessary for franchisees to join the family One of the qualities is the so-called "because of love", the family because of love together, love children, socially, fulfill a company's due responsibility is based on the market must have. General Manager Jiang said with emotion: "You are responsible for customers, customers can give you some recognition. Responsible for partners, partners and your long-term cooperation. This is not an easy task, but we have to do it. To do the apparel industry, especially the children's wear industry in particular, to be fully responsible for the healthy growth of children with us a big deal, sloppy. "He regularly conducts some surveys and evaluations of consumer needs and satisfaction, and promptly feeds back to the Pencil Club to adjust his business strategy." He said with a smile: "This is a 'win-win situation of responsibility.' We win the sales and consumption Who won the service paid to have a return is not it? "In contrast, General Manager Chen is not only a businessman, but also a scholar, a scholar is inseparable from the book, at his motivation, the company's employees love to read the book up. In his own words, this is the right company Staff responsibility, the staff improve the company will progress, they will organize a group to read a book.In order to encourage reading, he also presented a lot of books to the company staff as one of the usual benefits in his success, but did not forget to contribute to the community, He is very much in agreement with Pencil Club's "love for one's life" spirit of love, holding "Gratitude Journey" activities every year and often helping the disadvantaged groups in different ways. "This process is not only about fulfilling our social responsibilities and Obligations, but also our chances for the brand to be accepted by everyone, the image is a bit by bit set up. I have always believed that with a responsibility, there will be a complete image, otherwise it will be a deformity and will not last for a short while. "Brilliant belongs to the collective, the pride belongs to the individual. Pencil Club has gone through a brilliant nine years, it is precisely because there is such a group of unswerving franchisees go hand in hand, do not forget the beginning, share the storm, mutual support, each other, Today's excellent situation! For Chen, Jiang, for all franchisees, pencil club, nine years is a new beginning, will usher in a new glory.

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