November sunny weather wear what coat more appropriate


October weather is still warm and pleasant, you can also wear short-sleeved around the shopping, but just beginning in November, the temperature gave us a disappointment, before the "warm winter" one that seems to be verified. Sudden changes in temperature forced one to find a coat to keep out the cold. So this sunny weather, what kind of coat to wear is more appropriate?


When the season turns, the windbreaker has become the choice of many people, warm and good with easy, long windbreaker like this is more practical, even a small MM do not have to worry about wearing a regret more dwarfed. Tartrazine color with a white chiffon shirt and striped one step skirt, even more beautiful fashion, coupled with the popular hit color mosaic jelly bag, emitting a powerful aura.


Small fragrance style suit jacket, but also can be a good response to seasonal changes in the temperature change, strong version is also very good with clothes, especially when wearing a shirt, this version of the best ride, if not lapel Shirts, can also be a good blend together, the simple white is more wild, take either the classic black or eye-catching lemon yellow and other bright colors can be.


Can be used as a skirt to wear the jacket is now the more appropriate style this season, such clothes only need to wear a harness or vest to do the backing, even in the daytime temperature does not have to take off to wear so much trouble, if you feel Insufficient length can be equipped with a leggings or shorts and the like to wear, so that there will be no embarrassing go worry. Like this one-quarter sleeve double-breasted jacket, version of the classic yet stylish, especially mint green color is very eye-catching, both the belt is decorated and highlights the essential line of waist accessories, with the same color primer Pants out of the street.

Photo source: Water Niannual women's clothing

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