Beautiful new world summer to show the unique beauty of elegant women


The beautiful world believes that simplicity is not a simple design, but rather a simple as the core design concept, the pursuit of generous and sophisticated design style, the details highlight the exquisite personality design, soft and elegant colors, with fashion and rich content as the essence, highlighting urban women Unique intellectual charm.


Fresh and elegant printed dress, colorful and full of abstract and freehand style. Simple and elegant round neck design classic, showing a sexy clavicle. Waist fold waist good grooming, skirt double stitching, but also interpretation of the feminine charm.

优美世界夏日新品 展现优雅女性独特之美

Pink and white gradient gives the beauty of visual enjoyment. Fresh and elegant lotus leaf sleeve pleated pleated pleated pleated skirt pleated echoes, to create female dream fairy Fan. Details of the small floral misty feeling is more for this skirt to add a different kind of color.

Our LED Candles is made by paraffin wax. Led Candles is for Romantic party, clubs, and celebrations.

Led Candles can be divided 2 , rechargeable and battery operated.

As to the Rechargeable Led Candles, use method same with phone.

first you need to do is to charge it, then switch it on.

Battery operated, first of all, put the battery on the bottom of the candle. Then switch it on. Candles also be lit.

Rechargeable led candles is more environmental. Battery operated is more easy to bring.

Candles can be in one color, such as cold-white, warm-white. Yellow, red, blue, ect.

Also can be do in multicoloured.

Candle size is also very different. Dia can do 2inches, 3inches, 4inches.

Height: 2inches, 3inches, 4inches,5 inches, 6inches....10inchse.

Led candles also have remote, you can choose the remote type. Such as no remote, 2 keys remote:just on&off. 8kyes remote , 10 kyes remote also with 18keys remote.

Whatever you need, we can do it.

You can also choose the timer: 4 hours, 6 hours, 8hours.

led candle

LED Candles

Remote Control Led Candles,Color Changing Led Candle,Rechargeable Led Candles,Led Tealight Candle

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