Summer cake skirt must-have item turned sweetheart leader


Cute cake skirt is not necessarily the exclusive girl, when you are impulsive, you can also put on a chic cake tower skirt, do your childhood sweet princess. The folds of each skirt form a wonderful wave effect, cover the large buttocks, beautify the body lines, revealing your legs reflect your lively sweet, easy to achieve the effect of age reduction.

阿珍妮 - AJENI

ajeni - A Jenny 2013 summer new

Innocent pure blue mixed with symmetrical white dots, layers of skirt undulating, full of lively sweet, pleasant, fluffy princess sleeves and self-cultivation profile perfect combination of different fabric stitching, the gentle Sweet and comfortable blend of elegance, the most natural and stylish interpretation of the perfect.

夏季蛋糕裙必备单品 变身甜心教主

ajeni - A Jenny 2013 summer new

More and more "cake-edge" elements are catching the eye. The fluffy and sweet "edge of the cake" is not only necessary for girls, but also for older women. This cake skirt incorporates the mature elements of the workplace women, a button-style hollow lapel, large lotus cuffs, with a small waistband waistband, the sweet female workplace into it.

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