Anna Liesi teach you how to take autumn and winter fur


Although the summer heat has not faded, but always chasing fashion beauty have started the autumn and winter fashion plan! To the fall and winter seasons, of course, the figure of fur. Gorgeous fur set off a good female elegance and elegance. However, how to match the fur should be unconventional? Take a look at Anna Lies upcoming 2013 autumn and winter new fur series.

安娜丽斯 - Anna&Lice

(Source: Anna Lolis-annalice 2013 autumn and winter new)

Black fur with the most minimalist design style, creating a black with the charm and glamorous texture, combined with the noble and natural fur. Stitching black and white style more playful fashion attitude. Innovation is not overhang, will be capable and elegant are presented.

安娜丽斯 教您秋冬皮草应该怎么搭

(Source: Anna Lolis-annalice 2013 autumn and winter new)

White fur gives a more youthful atmosphere. Therefore, designers to join more details of the design, the structure of the three-dimensional stripes and flowers make this fur coat looks more close to the trend. With pink short skirts are very beautiful with.

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