Precautions for wearing bracelets


Nowadays, there are more and more people wearing bracelets. There are a lot of precautions for wearing bracelets. Everyone generally doesn't know. The following small series will explain the precautions for wearing bracelets. I hope to help everyone!

And earrings, necklaces, rings, like, as a bracelet jewelry, known as matching decorative clothing, as works of art to dress up as a personal style, dress up a hobby means of being accepted by more and more people And use. When wearing a bracelet, its aesthetic function is often the first. According to the relevant literature, in ancient times, both men and women wear bracelets, women as a symbol of marriage, and men as a symbol of identity or work nature. In addition, in ancient society, people also thought that wearing bracelets can avoid evil or encounter good luck.

Now, bracelets can still be divided into male and female. Male bracelets are gradually becoming popular along with the emergence of identity bracelets, but there are still fewer people wearing bracelets in China. Usually made of silver, and later due to the popularity of gold jewelry, so that K gold bracelets came into being.

The bracelet is very suitable for women who wear long-sleeved clothes with long-sleeved clothes. For women with full arms and wrists, the bracelets can't produce decorative beauty, but it is better to wear them.

Wearing bracelets is also very particular, not how to wear it, how to wear it, violating the rules of the customary rules will make people laugh and generous.

When wearing a bracelet, the number of bracelets is not strictly limited. You can wear one, you can wear two, three, or even more. If you wear only one, you should wear it on your left hand instead of your right hand. If you wear two, you can wear one on each of your left and right hands, or on your left hand. If you wear three, you should wear it on your left hand. You can't wear one in one hand and two in the other. Wearing more than three bracelets is rare. Even if you wear them, you should wear them on your left hand to create a strong sense of imbalance and achieve unconventional and extraordinary goals. However, it should be pointed out here that this imbalance should be achieved by matching with the clothing worn, otherwise the beauty of the bracelet will be destroyed by the unconventionality.

If you wear a bracelet and wear a ring, you should consider the coordination and unification of the two in terms of style, material, color and so on.

For those who wear bracelets at the beginning, you should also pay attention to the size of the inner diameter of the bracelet. If it is too small, it will cause discomfort due to close contact with the skin of the wrist, and even affect the circulation of blood. If it is too large, it will easily fall off during the swing of the hand and break. For jade bracelets, it is advisable to put soft objects (such as cushions) under the wrists when trying on them, so as not to break if they fall to the ground.

The above is a small summary of a brief summary of the precautions for wearing a bracelet, and more knowledge to understand, please click on jewelry knowledge!

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