How to choose silk quilts in different seasons


Now families will buy silk quilts in winter or other seasons, but do you know how silk is purchased in different seasons?

In the south, the average annual temperature in winter is above 10 degrees. Generally, there is no need for a thick silk quilt. You can choose a silk quilt with a weight of about 2000 grams. A bed of 2000 grams of silk is equivalent to a bed of 6 to 7 pounds. Cotton quilts, silks are warmer than cotton because they are porous and can retain more air.

In central China, it generally refers to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The minimum temperature in winter is not lower than minus 5 degrees. Generally, 2500 grams of mulberry silk is needed for winter. Of course, some people may add a blanket to cover the winter if they are afraid of cold.

In the north of China, there is generally heating in winter, and the silks selected in winter can be chosen between 1500 and 2000 grams, enough for winter.

Most of the time in spring and autumn, it is recommended to use 1500 grams of silk quilt. Generally, this period is the longest. It takes about 4-6 months in a year. This time is the main consumption time of silk quilt and the best season for marriage. .

Summer is hot in central China, and silk quilts are rarely used. In the north, there is a big sales market. The real hot time in the north is not very long. The air conditioner of 500-800 grams is very popular. Of course, the air conditioner in the south is air-conditioned. Consumers also like silk air conditioners. Generally, air conditioners can be filled with at least 350 grams. Such silk air conditioners are very thin. Some manufacturers even use silky silk quilts. We recommend not washing silk quilts, not saying that they cannot Washed, I also have the experience of washing air-conditioning silk quilt, it does not have a great impact on the inner core of the silk quilt.

If you are a family, you can also choose silk quilt, what is the mother? It means a bed of thick silk quilt, a thin silk quilt, a two-bed quilt through a belt or some way into a quilt to form a thick bed, so that you can save a winter quilt. Of course Different areas can choose different weights. For example, the south can choose 500+1500 grams to achieve the best effect. In the middle and north, you can choose 1000+1500g or 800+1700g to fill the best. The effect is in line with local usage habits.

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