Traditional sports brands involved in outdoor supplies


Traditional sports brands involved in outdoor supplies Outdoor sports equipment, which was still being carefully explored in previous years, has now been fully revitalized, and brands are rushing to show off new products for buyers and merchants from all over the world. To cater to the tastes of young potential customers, outdoor brand owners are also changing the clothes they provide to meet people’s needs for outdoor living.

The domestic outdoor product industry is in a period of high growth. This was confirmed by the Beijing International Outdoor Supplies and Equipment Exhibition and the Nanjing Asia Outdoor Products Fair which were successfully held in the first half of this year. Although the development history of our country's outdoor products is only more than 10 years, it is developing rapidly with an average annual growth rate of 48.9%. At present, the consumer groups in the industry are in the stage of outdoor sports initiation. With the growth of the GDP growth, consumer interest changes, combined with China's abundant outdoor tourism resources, and the flourishing development of outdoor tourism activities, it is expected that In the next five years, China's outdoor products market will still maintain an annual growth rate of no less than 40%.

The rise of outdoor markets

In the first half of this year, the Beijing International Outdoor Supplies and Equipment Exhibition and the Nanjing Asia Outdoor Products Exhibition have successfully demonstrated the fact that the outdoor market in China is rising. As Jin Nanrun, a professor at South Korea’s Grand National University who visited Jinjiang some time ago, said that China’s consumer market was shocking, the scale of Quanzhou’s outdoor products company was beyond their imagination. As in previous years, Quanzhou's outdoor brands Tianlun Tian, ​​Lions, Tianpo Lun, and St. Fry have continued to participate in this year's event. They have taken the opportunity to share ideas, knowledge of the industry, and exchange of ideas with friends and industry professionals who love outdoor sports.

The huge market consumption potential has made many traditional sports brands such as Anta, Li Ning, and 361° also involved in the field of outdoor products and successively launched outdoor product series. Professional outdoor brands are facing the reality of being differentiated by traditional sports brands. At the same price level, young consumers are more likely to be attracted by fashion trends, while mature consumers tend to be functional outdoor brands. In addition, the price is also a key factor, and the low discount promotion of the sports brand also separates the passenger flow of some outdoor brands.

Marketing model transformation

Sales of Chinese mainstream outdoor brands in 2013 are expected to increase by 20%, which is a deceleration this year compared to sales that have almost doubled in previous years. Judging from industry reports, Beijing, Shanghai, and other first-tier cities, shopping malls, department stores, point-of-sale inventory are in a state of excess, when the crowd compete for this market, how to transform into a problem placed in front of each person in charge of the company.

As we all know, most of the companies in the apparel industry use the sales model of the ** order. Because 60% - 80% of a company's annual sales are sold by this ** order. “Companies can't just ask for big things, there are so many companies on the market, they can be guided by buyer demand and actively adjust the market.” Mr. Chen, a person in the industry of Quanzhou shoes and apparel companies, told reporters that the development of traditional ordering methods has developed into a bottleneck. In the past, the model that relied too much on wholesale operators in the past was no longer suitable for the changes and development of the current market. The “brand + retail” oriented marketing model has become a new model for the development of shoe wear enterprises. Funding by the brand and directly targeting the end consumer market, establishing brand direct sales stores is a new direction for the development of shoes and apparel in Quanzhou.

“This is based on the company’s long-term development strategy and is also a responsible performance for consumers.” Feng Shiling, footwear design director of Fuxin Tianluntian (Fujian) Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd., said that through the product planning store operations, providing a unified Brand experience, improved supply chain and ordering model to reduce costs and time to market, and more convenient to obtain timely and effective first-hand information, no longer to convey consumer market information through various levels of agents, help consumer information feedback, product upgrades Replacement advice. Tianlun days opened more than 200 stores across the country this year, including the traditional mode of joining agents, and the “brand + agency” model, as well as the “brand + direct” model. "Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Opening stores is the only way for companies to mature. Not only can they have good interaction with consumers, but they also help companies understand the dynamics of the market and retail terminals and reduce inventory pressure. ”

Functional products are popular

In recent years, many traditional sports brands have begun to test the market of children's wear. Outdoor brands are not to be outdone, they follow suit. Columbia and Adidas have proposed the concept of family outing outdoors and have been sought after by many successful people. Li Ning’s agents have already started trying to open children’s outdoor products separately. Kingcamp also introduced colorful children's tents, children's outdoor folding beds and other products. The entry into the children's wear market is the performance of the entire industry in the market segmentation in the future, expanding the industry's development space.

During the interview, a designer took a pair of shoes for inspection. The reporter took it with him and was surprised to find that the weight of the shoes became lighter. Feng Shiling told reporters that this was a success after they participated in the Beijing International Outdoor Equipment and Equipment Exhibition this year. The concept of “light outdoor” is becoming a product development concept that is commonly recognized within the circle. With the increase in the number of outdoor sports consumers and the increasing pursuit of quality, comfort has become the first choice. While ensuring product functionality, “light” has become the trend of outdoor industry development. Quanzhou’s many outdoor sports brands have begun to Reduce weight on the product, and some even accurate to grams. Traditional outdoor products are generally cumbersome and not suitable for long-term sports. Therefore, reforms become inevitable.

"In clothing, we must increase the waterproof, radiation protection function." Feng Shiling revealed that the quality of the product is the core competitiveness, only the quality of hard products, we can firmly grasp the consumer. “Shoe light waterproof is not enough, and the feet are worn even though it is air-permeable. This is the core.” In response, Quanzhou’s many outdoor equipment suppliers and Germany’s Xinbao are suitable to develop windproof, waterproof and breathable high-tech products. .

Historically, outdoor clothing has given people the feeling of being close to nature in colors such as gray and green. However, the reporter saw in an outdoor product showroom in Quanzhou. The clothing designed this year has boldly adopted bright colors such as red and blue. Brand designers say that today's outdoor products are not just outdoor products in a pure sense, they have gone deep into consumers' daily lives and are increasingly moving towards leisure.

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