Diversified style line FULLTEAM rich day to create women's legendary


In the flowering of women everywhere in the brand today, drift, imitation copying is already commonplace, at this time only highlight their own brand charm, can lead from the springing out of lead to guide the trend of fashion, walking in the forefront of fashion. FULLTEAM to spiritual creativity, interpretation of the concept, to convey a vivid, Wan Yue, superior style and elegant design results.


FULLTEAM rich women's clothing materials used in lace silk silk chiffon and other gentle superior fabric, fine details embroidered beads made of hand-made to reflect, with informal cutting methods to concise and smooth style design and series Combination, emphasizing the perfect combination of form and effect, for the intellectual woman to create elegant and noble image.

多元化的风格路线 FULLTEAM富天缔造女装传奇

FULLTEAM rich day women in Europe and the United States elegant, stylish, personalized design style, based on the integration of the Oriental women's pursuit of fashion personality, innovative inspiration, great taste of the details, always gives the most comfortable feeling. Supplemented by fashion accessories such as handbags, shoes, accessories and other diversified product mix to provide customers the perfect one-stop service.

Truck Cover

Truck tarps are manufactured with the highest quality fabrics and high craftsmanship. Our heavy duty tarps are made from high tensile strength polyester material with both side laminated or one side coated, the other laminated. It is waterproof, fire resistant, tear proof, UV resistant, etc.. All four sides are welded with reinforced rope inside. 

We are committed to providing you high quality truck tarps that will last. 

You can choose any color and any size, the general weight for truck cover is 450GSM, 500GSM, 550GSM, 600GSM.

According to different quality of tarpaulin, lifespan is three to five years.

Truck Cover

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