How to clean and maintain clothes and linen fabrics?


Linen clothing washing As summer clothing, linen clothing also need to wash frequently, so the washing method has become a topic of considerable concern to people. At present, the regular production of flax, usually using a soft, shrink-proof, anti-wrinkle and other processes, which makes the perception of flax clothing has been greatly improved, but if the improper washing method, it will cause some trouble, such as fade , Getting old, wrinkles, etc., affect the results. Therefore, to master the correct method of washing is necessary. If it is pure linen fabric general shrinkage rate will be about ten percent, so wash time must pay attention to .When the water temperature is too high will shrink very seriously. In addition flax fastness is not very good, will drop a little color, do not wash with other light-colored clothes. When ironing linen clothing to master the main technique is the temperature. Temperature to be controlled at 200-230 degrees Celsius, and the best clothes in the semi-dry iron, so that the effect of ironing is the best. After ironing, the elegant and elegant fabric style of the linen was highlighted. The key to maintaining linen clothing is washing and ironing. When washing must master the water temperature. Water temperature can not be too high, it should be controlled at 35 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius below. Linen can be used to wash the washing machine, but be sure to use cold water. When washing linen clothing should use some neutral detergent, but can not use the collar and other efficient detergent. In addition, linen clothing must not be exposed to acidic substances, linen is a plant fiber, very sensitive to acids, acid destructive to plant fibers, it is easy to burn clothes. In addition to these basic requirements, washing and ironing of linen garments should also be carried out with reference to the washing and care instructions on linen garments. Only then can care be thoroughly and safely maintained.

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