Warmly congratulate G-Brand children's clothing settled in Foshan Oriental Plaza


G-Brand, which originated from Korea and was truly Korean Han Korean brand, recently settled in Dongfang Plaza, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and warmly congratulated on this. Let's look forward to the early opening of new specialty stores with prosperous business and rich resources. . From the style of Korean fashion, personality, fashion, self-confidence into the design, closely follow the international fashion trend, the integration of rich colors and artistic expression, make full use of hit color, stitching, pleated and other processes, kneading the love of parents , The beauty of life, the art of rhyme, interpretation of the children are full of hope, happiness and happiness of extraordinary childhood, to create a new idea of ​​children's clothing! G-Brand has the top brand expert advisory group to create momentum, layout, seize the high ground, establish product and system support to promote the systematic development of the brand, build stock sewer, build more people, buy more people, love people More children's clothing brand!

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