What jade is best


What is the best jade? This makes friends who like jade very worried. When choosing jade, I don't know how to be good. If I choose a fake jade, it is not worthwhile. After all, jade is not cheap. The following small series will share with you several criteria for selecting jadeite.

What jade is best

Good jade has eight conditions or standards:

1 green is not blue,

2 green should be evenly distributed,

3 water is better,

4 less impurities,

5 cracks less,

6" species" is old,

7 The green weight of the jadeite should be greater than 5 carats,

8 work must have cultural connotations, exquisite novelty.

So, in addition to the above conditions, good jadeite has no other standards? The standard of good jadeite should not only be selected from the above aspects, but also should pay attention to its brand, design, workmanship, etc., which determine the quality of jade.


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