Berry poem underwear shop in Tianjin is about to open triple gift for you to take for free


As a leader in body underwear industry in China, Shangshi Group has more than 20 years of professional experience in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and marketing of body underwear, and has maintained long-term and close cooperation with more than 8,000 beauty and body agencies in China with annual turnover of several hundred million. The invitation Masood as Persimmon Light body underwear spokesmen, it is the brand advocated by the "open zero pressure body era," the perfect exposition, Pak Mei underwear advocated fresh, healthy, vibrant, cheerful, and Masu The image of the temperament is very consistent, so cooperation with Masu Da.


As the first "zero-par" light body underwear brand in China, Percy poem advocates zero-pressure body, the design of the product is elegant, elegant and refined and modern high-tech excellence blends perfectly into one, with women's health and beauty as the demand; commitment To continue to provide customers with better, more professional, more comfortable shape.

柏美诗内衣天津直营店即将开业 三重大礼等您免费拿

Persimmon brand will always adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, never-ending" business philosophy, and "seek innovation and create brand value" brand strategy, and strive to create "healthy, natural, personal and comfortable" pragmatic service to consumers brand image . Create a strong underwear bra brand strategy, highlighting the brand competitive advantage, highlighting the brand personality, honesty, achievement extraordinary life, enjoy a better life!

柏美诗内衣天津直营店即将开业 三重大礼等您免费拿

Still under the Group's Pomegranate brand underwear chain stores in Tianjin outlets will be November 9 in Hexi District, 45 Road, was officially opened! Direct store opening surprise, triple gift waiting for you to get free!

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