JZ Jiu-tzu women's 2013 winter new down jacket love warm winter elegant body sculpting


The choice of down jacket for many people is a last resort, the profile of the garment itself makes it difficult to break through the designers through a variety of accessories, details of stitching and monolithic splicing to find a stylish new outlet. JZ Nine position down jacket also become your indispensable winter season mate.

玖姿 - JUZUI

The neutral temperament of leather clothing to avoid the elements of many women, and with the right time, not only does not appear neutral, it will make the feminine show seductive sexy and sense of distance. JZ Jiu position of the modern woman to be unique but also more female charm.

JZ玖姿女装2013冬装新款羽绒服 爱意暖冬优雅塑身

Down jacket mix and match is a natural rule to break the rules of wear. Coats and short sleeves close to the body so that the whole body with a casual atmosphere and unique personality.

JZ玖姿女装2013冬装新款羽绒服 爱意暖冬优雅塑身

Black and red classic combination, thin section of the light waist long down jacket, collar collar design, young and full of aristocratic atmosphere.

JZ玖姿女装2013冬装新款羽绒服 爱意暖冬优雅塑身

Bright yellow horizontal line sewing down jacket, neckline eversion thickening of the special design so that the whole body upper body JJ Jiu Jiu little sense of movement fashion.

JZ玖姿女装2013冬装新款羽绒服 爱意暖冬优雅塑身

Down waist waist design not only for the winter you are rich sense of the curve, but also to break the dull stereotypes down jacket, fuzzy its functionality.

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