Long-sleeved princess dress Peter lapel even more cute


Recently hit the "Where's the Dad?", Wang Shiling children's amazing princess dress so that netizens shouted cute, chubby body can wear lovely sweet princess children. But the princess dress is not a patent for children Oh, big friends can wear, more and more stylish princess dress into the more elements of the trend, according to the mature girl's body design close to the body line shape, Do you collect it?


Black and white princess dress is also hot in the autumn and winter, the black base and the white wave uniform walking, diffuse skirt revealing a white lining, wide A-shaped skirt extremely cute. Cuff trumpet and Peter Fan collar design, joined the college wind elements, five-year reduction effect of praise Oh.

长袖公主裙 彼得翻领更添可爱

Black and white polka dot skirts to make people with intensive phobia is not very embarrassing? This long-sleeved princess skirt folds the skirt with a heavy sense of hierarchy, black gauze lining leakage, revealing the little sexy little girl. The black Peter collar also stitched the white lace, chest button neatly arranged, very college style.

Photo Source: Flowers opened- Flowers Women's dress

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