Natural crystal medical efficacy


Natural crystal medical efficacy The medical effect of natural crystal 1. Crystal can remove fire, absorb positive, negative, negative energy, inspire spirituality, help meditation.

(1) Spiritual Therapy: Crystal itself is a representative of love, care, and life energy.

(2) In addition to the collection value, crystals can absorb radiation harmful to humans on television and reduce home pollution.

(3) Put the crystal in your pocket and hide it in your body to absorb the energy around you and reduce the damage to your body.

(4) The beauty of crystal, good mood, and less depression are the best “helping bodies” that inspire electricity and make life smooth.

2. The effect of various crystals (1), white crystal: help memory, expand potential, health treatment, reduce air floatation, poly gas. White crystal can purify the negative functions around and change feng shui.

(2) Amethyst: The improvement of feelings and wisdom, the wide-ranging popularity, the promotion of blessings, and the improvement of brain function and secretion.

(3) Citrine: With noble temperament, the Lord gathers wealth, eliminates fatigue, controls emotions, stimulates people's memory, and helps the health of the nerves, nerves, spleen, and pancreas of the sun.

(4) Pink crystals: poor transparency, can enhance love; heart, lungs, help circulation, respiratory health.

(5), pink citrine: rare crystal, soft colors, can adjust the balance of things to double development, with amethyst, citrine double effect.

(6), smoky quartz: Detoxification, curative effect, qi, treatment function.

(7), backbone crystal: with a powerful purification treatment.

(8) Cigarette crystals and tea crystals: They represent fortitude, belief, under the main abdomen and sex organs.

(9), hair crystal: A, blonde hair: Geely, auspicious, everything is complete. B, black hair crystal: disaster relief, solution Eritrea, worry-free. C, red hair crystal: youthful, happy, energetic. D, green hair crystal: happiness, good luck, double stars happy.

(10), Rainbow Crystal: Crystals appear rainbow-like, with a crystal containing a rainbow, more complete wish.

(11) Gold crystal: There are triangle inclusions inside the crystal, even closely connected. Rich and noble, generations of glory.

(12), Green Ghost Crystal: Algae, clouds, cotton wool and other objects appear in white crystals, and are called ghost crystals. With Lucky, Get Rich

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