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Do you know Ralph Lauren? The clothing company working in Rachel's "Friends" is Ralph Lauren. In "Sex and the City," Miranda once took her son and said to the fashion party planner: "My son is wearing Ralph Lauren. "People living in the city should be no strangers to the "Ralph Lauren" brand, they come from the fashion empire - Ralph Lauren company. Merlo Store Guanqian Store Polo Ralph Lauren has been reinstalled and upgraded. Today's opening is colorful. The light and black and white room is more youthful and fashionable for the decoration of the main room of the main colors. More and more goods will show you the “American Classic” legend!

"American Classics"

Ralph Lauren's clothing focuses on the "American style" that combines western pioneering, Indian culture, and former Hollywood feelings. He has been labeled "American Classic." “My design goal is to complete an imaginable reality. It must be part of the life form, and it must be personalized at any time.” Ralph Laurent talks about the creation of the territory, and also Revealing the direction of design is a fusion of fantasy, romance, innovation and classical inspiration.

Luxury Classic Purple Label Collection

Ralph Lauren tailors Purple Label tailor suits, featuring Ralph Lauren Purple Label's timeless style and craftsmanship comparable to that of London's Savile Row master craftsmanship, tailor-made hand-made patterns according to customer's size and preferences, and the selection of the world's finest materials To ensure flawlessness. Tailor-made garments are carefully handled by Italian top tailors, regardless of fabric, pattern, or even cut. The brand specializes in sourcing the most luxurious suit fabrics for customers, including Italian jackets and Super 250 combing fleece. The amount of these expensive materials is limited. Each set of suits takes 40 hours of fine craftsmanship to make every man enjoy me. Exclusive luxury.
This season, the Ralph Lauren Purple Label men's wear features carbon soot as a single main color design, navy blue sailing style outerwear and authentic pashmina and Harris Tweed woolen style. The three-piece suit is graceful and the coat is cut to perfection. The elegant style of the suit is revealed. The sportswear is infused into the English sports elements and is of a unique style. Tailored suits look for inspiration from traditional aristocratic mannequins. The styles include three-piece handmade and two-prong suits. The material is made of cashmere and cashmere. The authentic Harris Tweed woolen cloth is available in brown, camel brown and olive green. Flower pattern sash fiber tie sleek and eye-catching; net color or plaid dark carbon gray suit with cashmere and flannel as material, with the same color shades of regular plaid shirt, monochrome modeling reveals sexy charm; formal dress selection of classic scotch velvet, Double-cut and silk satin spikes accentuate self-cultivation.

T/C Denim is a Denim, with deodorant, breathable, comfortable, etc.,

The advantage of T/C Denim

1.light,soft and comfortable

2.hygroscopic and sweat reasing

3.good permeability

4.Plain 100% Cotton Woven Fabric, a lovely collection of coloured denims.

5.A medium weight denim with stretch.

6.Craftsmanship: hand brushing, whisker, embroidery, print, wrinkle and grinding

7.Suitable for jeans, trousers, skirts, jackets, shorts, bags etc.,

T/C Denim

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