How to wear men's winter travel?


How to wear men's winter travel? Autumn and winter season is a tourist season. In the middle of winter, it is very interesting to appreciate the snow and ice in the North or to chase the warm sun in the south. When it comes to tourism, we all know that it is important to travel to prepare for winter clothes this season.

Basically, we have to divide according to the temperature of the tourist destination. For example, if you go to the north, the temperature is relatively low, and you need thick clothing. You don't need to go to the south. So there is a difference between what we prepare to go to these two places.

For example, if we want to go to Harbin to see the ice lights, then what do we need to be fashionable and practical?

1, sports shoulder travel backpack, that kind of large can seem to be able to put into your half-clothes of the kind of clothing, which must be loaded with a down jacket.

2, ** Mao collar multi-cotton windbreaker, this is your journey is more important on the road, can store more things in the pocket, but also very in line with the current military fashion style, there is a bit of stray feeling.

3, more bags of leather vest, wind scratch, strong decorative.

4, trousers should use woollen, have a good warmth, trousers fabric trousers is very good, but also very warm.

5, accessories in the waterproof boots to help (can be worn as snow boots), as well as warm leather gloves.

For example, if we are going to Hong Kong, this season's Hong Kong climate is very good, neither cold nor hot. But sooner or later you need to add coats and sweaters. So how do we go with this city?

1. First of all, we don't need to bring such a big bag with a simple backpack to solve it.

2. The winter sun in the south is still severe, so the sun hat must be prepared for one.

3, sweaters must be brought, as shown in the figure is a red shirt with a grate shirt outside. However, Chinese people try not to match red sweaters. You can choose blue and green ones.

4, in Hong Kong this season, you can try wearing shorts with long sleeves. Such a dress on the streets of Hong Kong is very common. It is also to integrate into this environment.

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