Distin Kidny (迪斯坦凯) "Shenzhen Nanshan Maoye shop grand opening


"Distin Kidny ( Diskin Kay )" Women's Shenzhen Nanshan Maoye shop grand opening! Winter has been the initial listing of new products, art, personality, fashion series, romantic life leisure series and intellectual, elegant metropolitan series to meet the needs of various types of customers in different markets. Sweaters, vests, coats, windbreaker, dresses, half skirts, pants, coats, down jackets, fur ... ... and so rich in complete products to meet the diverse tastes of women's dress needs. Now the new store opened during the more concessions sent Oh, quickly pull up your girlfriends together to see it!


"Distin Kidny (Diskin Kay)" Women's Shenzhen Nanshan Maoye shop grand opening

"Distin Kidny" brand positioning is to lead the fashion trend and fully demonstrate the concept of urban women's entertainment, business and leisure fashion ideas, clothing as a carrier to spread the concept of dress and lifestyle, beyond the culture, across the region Fashion. The company adheres to the principle of "Distin Kidny" and endeavors to create outstanding brand quality, so that those wearing "Distin Kidny" costumes will all demonstrate their outstanding style and fashion Elegant temperament.

"Distin Kidny(迪斯廷.凯)"深圳南山茂业店盛大开业

"Distin Kidny (Diskin Kay)" Women's Shenzhen Nanshan Maoye shop grand opening

Price Positioning: Spring and summer wear the average price of 600 yuan, the average price of 900 yuan autumn and winter clothes.

With concept: new mix and match

Color Positioning: no color (black, white, gray), the earth color (apricot, camel, khaki) as the main color; abstract natural pattern for the auxiliary; pumpkin orange, coral blue as embellishment;

Series Positioning: Fashion Series: social, friends and other places;

Leisure Series: Leisure (such as shopping, shopping, vacations and other places);

City Series: work, business activities and other places;

Tpr Sole, Pu Sole, PVC Sole, EVA sole, gutta percha sole, Cork Sole. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead" and adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide customers with high-quality services. Welcome to our customers! Different materials have different design senses, wear resistance and skid resistance, and different prices


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