Leather or coat autumn and winter men should choose what kind of jacket


Cold wave struck, the temperature plummeted, how to lose grace and ensure the temperature in this cold season, has become a male youngest big problem; tide brand men's L2 in the early winter to show you warm show, teach you the most IN The fashion of the cold rule. Rule one: warm color take Plus quality wool blue-green woolen jacket, irregular design of the front bag, hit the color double-breasted embellishment, personality without publicity, take the warm purple flowers sweater, big body twist pattern design , Retro, romantic; under the sauce, purple jeans, mouth flanging, different color collision, reflecting the level of flu. The unexpected appearance of the design, different fabrics and colors of soft stitching, enhance the sense of quality, take the khaki shirt, full of fun, under the sauce purple trousers, front pocket design ingenious, romantic men, active image almost certain. Law II: Exquisite details Plus lapel coat Khaki lapel woolen coat is tide men's wardrobe essential, and the cuffs, front zipper color zipper decorative details, smooth lines outline, everywhere reveals the simple atmosphere, and within Take the jacquard Jacquard asymmetric pattern sweater, low-key introverted. Take the blue and black suede slacks and sauce red British style with leather shoes, echoes with the sweater, in this winter, for the tide men to bring a warm and gorgeous dress style.

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