Glass bottle packaging protection from light


[China Glass Net] For glass bottle packaging, its application range is very wide. From food, medicine, cosmetics to pesticides, it is involved in almost every field. Glass bottles have a long history of packaging. They are safer, more practical and safer than other packaging. However, there are some defects in glass packaging. Today we talk about some aspects that we usually do not pay attention to.

Let's talk about the darkness of glass bottles. We all know that the glass bottle is transparent, which is a big advantage of its packaging. Compared with the metal material packaging, it can display the packaged products in an unobstructed view and stimulate our purchasing desire. However, since glass bottles are used for the packaging of foods and medicines, some products have darkness requirements for packaging, such as juices, such as medicines. The requirements for these products to protect from light will affect the product's shelf life, which requires Improve the light protection performance of glass bottles. Currently, there are two main methods. One is to use colored glass bottles, such as essential oil glass bottles are packaged in dark glass bottles to meet the requirements of light protection. Another way is to improve the material of the transparent glass bottle itself, and reduce the harm of light to the product through the absorption of light by the medium of the glass bottle.

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