[SNOW BOUND??{Women's 2013 Christmas Series] flashy Christmas lights


SNOW BOUND??{Women's 2013 Christmas series was released, when the music sounded, the lights were shining, the magnificent lights swayed, the silver snow-white world, the romantic glory of the snowy Christmas night.

Luxurious, shiny metallic jewellery or accessories, while allowing noble women to circulate in the PARTY as glamorous stars in the night, light up Christmas Eve.

But this season, metallic shiny materials are not only accessories, but an indispensable part of the clothing, naturally integrated into the clothing. The tough metallic luster and contrast of clothes are strong and complement each other. Compared with the traditional jewels and Christmas red, they can highlight the modern women's fashion and atmosphere.

Recalling the 2013 T-Winter Fashion Week's T stage modeling, the modern metallic color that shines on the show floor is also hot; bright patent leather and exaggerated series of theatrical styling skirts are also attracting attention, and can stand out in this holiday season.

The SNOW BOUND designer brings a series of 40's flashy style to the holiday season of 2013, perhaps the brand you first think of: In the United States, far from the smoke of the war, the emerging fashion industry is developing rapidly along with the film industry. The fashionable lady in fur and sequined tight skirts on the occasion of the PARTY Theatre is also attracting people's attention. It has injected an extravagant style into the 2013 winter season.

In addition to the magnificent and magnificent dress style, the gorgeous high-gloss material injects more metallic luster for this season's grand festival: high-grade silk satin with glossiness, futuristic reflective material woven into the wire, and sequins with extremely decorative features. , Bringing a glitzy High Shine retro show!

With Christmas red silhouette jacket, more festive flavor. A playful, high-waisted suspenders dress, embellished with acrylic mirrored sequins, and waiting to compose a Christmas dance in glamorous flicker.

Tops belong to SNOWBOUND's single-item-brown textured-leather bolero. Atmospheric wild texture is a dazzling dress of the Queen's level in the winter fashion party. With black patent leather boots, it is especially appealing and is especially suitable for those who are trendy.
Different from the use of fur to stimulate the convergence of metallic luster, using leather to match metal luster shorts, it is more tough atmosphere, is definitely the best choice for PARTY outstanding.

In the days that are getting closer to Christmas, the brand will introduce more holiday items to you, so stay tuned!
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